site policy

The subscriber is not entitled to a refund in one of the following cases

The inability to view the material due to circumstances specific to the trainee, whether the lack of equipment or his suffering from a specific disease that prevents or hinders him from following the material properly

The inability to complete the article regardless of the reasons, whether due to the death of a relative, a specific illness, lack of conviction in the article presented, or other reasons.

The participant’s failure to benefit from the material or course, or not to be satisfied with the content presented.

The customer’s subscription is canceled in the event of writing offensive comments and slanderous phrases or sending profanity and offensive words via e-mail or to my site agents. Sending abusive and offensive phrases may expose the owner to the ban from the site without any compensation for the treatments that he has previously purchased.

In the event that a link was sent to a site subscriber who did not pay for this material by mistake, we reserve the right to delete this material from his account without notice, and he is not entitled to claim any compensation

We do not bear any responsibility because of the subscriber’s damage from the treatments, because of his misunderstanding of them or because of his wrong application of them or the exercises or for any reason.

Manar Healing receives transfers through my authorized agents only, whose numbers you can find on our agents page. Manar Healing shall not be liable for any fraud or impersonation of an agent, and the subscriber will not be compensated if he sends the amount to another unauthorized person.

Discounts on treatments can be decided at any time, if the course was purchased before the discount, the participant is not entitled to claim compensation in the amount when we apply the discount to the same treatment.

In the case of private advice. The processing will be applied at the agreed time even if you do not come and the amount will not be refunded or the time will be delayed.

In the case of special consultations, we will adhere to the time specified for the session.

In the case of private advice. It will be a voice call.

My sessions do not replace the medication or the medical treatment plan, nor the follow-up with the doctor, and I do not make any definitive promises or guarantees of what will happen after the treatment sessions

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